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Short biography

Amr Algarhi joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 and is currently the course leader of the BSc (Honours) Economics programme. Amr’s broad research interests are in econometrics, time series analysis and macroeconomics. His main teaching areas are econometrics, statistics, mathematical economics, and macroeconomics.


Amr holds the degrees of BSc (Honours) in economics from Cairo University, MA (Distinction) in economics from the American University in Cairo, MSc (Distinction) in economics and econometrics and PhD in economics from the University of Exeter.


Amr has supervised and guided many MSc, MBA, MRes and PhD students throughout completion of their dissertation projects. He would be happy to hear from potential PhD students working on any areas of my research interest for supervision.

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Recent publications

  • Algarhi, A. S., Dynamic conditional correlation between green and grey energy ETF markets using cDCC-MGARCH model. Applied Economics Letters, (forthcoming).

  • Algarhi, A. S. & Tziamalis, A. (2021). Does the UK economy grow faster under a Conservative or Labour government?. Economics and Business Letters, 10(2), 95-101.

  • Oyebowale, A. Y. & Algarhi, A. S. (2020). Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth in Africa. International Review of Applied Economics, 34(6), 839-857.

  • Algarhi, A. S. (2020). Hyperwage gap. In A. Tziamalis (Ed.) Business Economics (3rd ed., pp.22-27). Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Ltd.


Dr Amr Saber Algarhi

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Economics

BSc (Cairo), MA (American University in Cairo), MSc, PhD (Exeter)

Office Address:

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Business School

City Campus, Howard Street

Stoddart Building, Room 7216b

Sheffield, S1 1WB, United Kingdom

E-mail address:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
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Modules taught

Module leader for

• applied econometrics (year 3/4)

• econometrics for business and economics (year 3/4)

• introduction to econometrics (year 2)

• maths for economics (year 1)


Amr also teaches alternative perspectives in economics (year 2) 

Courses taught

Amr teaches students across the following courses

•BSc (Hons) Economics

•BA (Hons) Business Economics

•BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance

•BA (Hons) Accounting and Economics

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Postgraduate supervision

•Awidan, R.H.M. (2019). Time series modelling of oil price fluctuations: Applications to Libya and Nigeria. (Doctoral thesis)

•Oyebowale, A.Y. (2017). An empirical investigation of financial sector development and economic growth in Nigeria (MRes thesis)

External responsibilities

External examiner across UG/PG Banking, Finance and Accounting programmes at Staffordshire University - partnership with Asia Pacific University in Malaysia

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